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Last Pay Per View (The Great American Bash) **SPOILERS**

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Last Pay Per View (The Great American Bash) **SPOILERS**
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WWE SmackDown Presents
The Great American Bash
Sunday 24th July, 2005
The HSBC Arena
Buffalo, New York

WWE Great American Bash Opener:

The Great American Bash opened up with a video package looking at the main matches for tonights show. The fireworks then went off in the arena as Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed us to the Great American Bash!

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Referee: Nick Patrick
Heidenreich and Animal vs. MNM (c)

The music of MNM hit in the arena as Mercury, Nitro and Melina made their way to the ring, and they will be defending their gold against the unlikely duo of Heidenreich and Road Warrior Animal.

The start:

Heidenreich and Merury kicked things off with a shoulder block from Heidenreich, and then Mercury bailed to the outside. Back in, and Mercury scored with a kick to the gut, but Heidenreich drove Mercury to the mat and then he bailed to the outside yet again. Heidenreich hit a big right hand, and Mercury went to the outside and then Animal press slammed him back in and then Heidenreich tagged Animal and they hit a double elbow knockdown, but then Animal ran into a boot from Mercury and he tagged in Nitro.

Mid-match notes:

MNM went for a double suplex, but Animal reversed and suplexed them both. Nitro hit a shot to the throat, but Animal came back with a back body drop and then tagged Heidenreich. Heidenreich picked Nitro up by the throat and then Mercury came in behind and chop blocked him. Nitro tagged Mercury, and then went to work on the knee of Heidenreich. Nitro got the tag and continued to work over the leg of Heidenreich as the fans got behind the big man. Another tag with Mercury coming in and after a double team he gets a two count.

The Finish:

Heidenreich kicked Nitro away and then made the tag and Animal hit a flying forearm and then knocked Nitro off the apron before hitting a back suplex on Mercury. Heidenreich hit a dropkick on Nitro, and Animal went for a splash in the corner but Mercury moved and then Nitro nailed Animal with a tag belt. MNM went for the Snapshot, but Heidenreich took out Nitro and then Animal hit a powerslam. Animal and Heidenreich hit the Doomsday Device, and Animal then covered Mercury and we have new tag team champions!

Winners and new WWE Tag Team Champions, Heidenreich and Animal

The Aftermath:

Animal got on the mic and said that this win was for Hawk.


Josh Mathews is with Eddie Guerrero backstage, and he has a new development for his match with Rey Mysterio tonight. Guerrero says he gave Rey a call this week and suggested something to him, and he didn't like it. Guerrero said he talked to him some more, and he saw it his way, and if he didn't he wouldn't be able to keep his little secret much longer. He said it's all about manipulation, it's his new addiction. He said that stipulation is that his son Dominic gets to come out to ringside and watch the whole match, and he gets to see his Uncle Eddie pound, beat and destroy and finally beat his dad in the middle of the ring. He said then sweet little Dominic gets to come inside the ring and listen to the bedtime story that Uncle Eddie promised to tell him a long time ago.

Referee: Brian Hebner
Christian vs. Booker T

The music of Christian hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for the following contest against Booker T, who was accompanied by his wife, Sharmell.

The start:

Booker chased Christian around the ring and Christian wouldn't get in there with him. Finally Booker catches him and tosses him inside. Christian came back with right hands but Booker hit a back elbow and then some chops and right hands, but Christian again bailed to the outside. Booker followed him up the aisle and knocked him down with a chop, and then chopped him some more at ringside before tossing him back inside. Booker hit a back suplex and hit some more chops in the corner on Captain Charisma.

Mid-match notes:

Booker hit a slingshot on Christian sending him to the buckle and then rolled him up for two. Christian came back, sending Booker into the ringpost, shoulder first. Christian hit an inverted Tornado DDT off the middle rope and then stomped away at him before choking him over the bottom rope. Booker came back with right hands and went for a spin kick, but Christian planted him with a reverse flying arm bar for two. Christian locked in a rear naked choke in the middle of the ring as Booker fought to his feet. Booker elbowed out of it but then Christian pulled him down by the hair and locked in a side headlock.

Booker came back with some chops to the chest, followed up by a side slam. Booker went for a side kick, but Christian moved and Booker got hung up in the ropes. Sharmell checked on Booker, and Christian pulled her onto the apron, and then she slapped him. Christian ran after her, but walked into the Book End for a near fall. Booker hit a flying forearm, and then a clothesline, followed by a vertical suplex for two. Booker rolled up Christian in the corner, but Christian reversed into a roll up of his own for two. Booker planted Christian with a spinebuster, and Booker is getting booed tonight for some reason. Booker took Christian to the mat face first, and then did the Spinaroonie.

The Finish:

Booker went for the Scissors Kick but Christian moved and went for the Unprettier. Booker shoved him away and then hit mounted punches in the corner, but Christian powerbombed him and held the ropes on the roll up for two. Booker hotshots Christian over the top rope and then went up top and hit the missile dropkick for a near fall. Christian poked Booker in the eye and then tossed him outside. Christian followed out and went to throw Booker into the ring post, but Booker reversed and Christian went into the post. Booker sent Christian head first into the ring steps and then tossed him shoulder first into them.Booker tossed Christian back inside and then went to the middle rope and hit the Scissor Kick from the middle rope for the win!

Winner - Booker T


Steve Romero is with Melina and she is mad about MNM's loss. She said they would win the belts back soon. She said that no one in the world will see her in her underwear, and she will strip the hag Torrie Wilson down to her bra and panties.

United States Championship Match
Referee: Jim Korderas
Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan (c)

The music of Orlando Jordan hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring as the United States Champion, and he is set to defend that title against Chris Benoit.

The start:

Benoit and Jordan locked up and Jordan backed Benoit into the ropes and gave a clean break. They locked up again and Benoit got Jordan in the roeps and Benoit hit a knee to the gut and then some right hands. Benoit hit a reverse elbow knockdown and then kicked Jordan on the mat before hitting some chops in the corner. Jordan came back with a kick to the knee and then some right hands but Benoit came back with more chops to the chest.

Mid-match notes:

Benoit hit a snap suplex and dropkick for two and then worked over his shoulder in the ropes. Jordan wrenched on the arm of Benoit, but Benoit came back with a leg lace takedown and then went for a baseball slide through the ropes, but Jordan moved and sent him into the ring post. Jordan got back in and tried to take off the top turnbuckle pad, but Benoit came in behind him and sent him down with a German Suplex. Benoit hit some knees and chops in the ropes, and then scored with a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Jordan took over with elbows to the back of the neck and then stomped him on the mat.

Benoit came back with chops but Jordan hit a hard clothesline to take Benoit down. Jordan went back to working on the shoulder of Benoit and locked in a short arm scissors on the canvas. Jordan then locked in an arm bar as the fans got behind Benoit. Benoit fought out with forearm shots but then walked into a dropkick from Jordan. Benoit and Jordan traded right hands on the canvas and then Jordan went back to working the arm and shoulder area. Benoit came back and went for the Sharpshooter, but Jordan kicked him off. Benoit hit some more chops to the chest but Jordan hit a right hand and went back to the shoulder.

Benoit hit some right hands to get Jordan away from his shoulder, but Jordan scored with a swinging neck breaker for two. Jordan punched Benoit right in the neck and covered for two before hitting a reverse elbow for another two count. Orlando locked in a surfboard as Benoit screamed in pain. Benoit fought out but Jordan took him down with a slam and then headed up top but Benoit crotched him. Benoit hit some chops on Jordan and then went up and took him down with a superplex and both men are down. Benoit hit some forearm knock downs, followed by a back body drop and then an elbow before going for the Sharpshooter, but Jordan kicked him away again.

The Finish:

Benoit hit a German, but Jordan blocked the second and went for a standing switch but Benoit reversed and hit the other two. Benoit went up top and came off with the diving headbutt for a near fall. Benoit chopped away at Jordan in the corner, and then sent him into the buckle, but Jordan's head collided with Benoit's on impact. Jordan removed the turnbuckle pad, and then Benoit went for a German, but Jordan shoved him head first into the exposed turnbuckle and covered for the win!

Winner and still United States Champion, Orlando Jordan

Number One Contenders Match
Referee: Brian Hebner
Muhammad Hassan vs. The Undertaker

The music of Muhammad Hassan hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring, carried by the men who attacked the Undertaker a few weeks ago on Smackdown, with Daivari leading the way. Hassan got on the mic and told the fans to shut their mouths and show him some respect. He said he knows he said that if he didn't defeat the Undertaker tonight, that he wouldn't show on Smackdown! again. He said he promises us that tonight he will defeat the Undertaker, and he will be back on Smackdown, and be the Number One Contender and win the World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam to fulfill his destiny of becoming the first Arab-American Champion in the WWE. He said he left the Undertaker beaten and bloodied in the middle of the ring, because as an Arab-American, he knows all about sacfirice. He said he sacrificed Daivari, and he sacrificed his lawyer. He said everyone runs scared of the Undertaker, but he stands here defiant, and after he disposes of the Undertaker, he will known as the Great Muhammad Hassan. The arena faded to black as the music of the Undertaker hit, as he made his way down to the ring.

The start:

The Undertaker went for a right hand but Hassan ducked. Hassan hit some right hands of his own in the corner but then Undertaker came back with right hands of his own followed by some kicks and a straight elbow. Undertaker ate boot on a corner charge, but the Undertaker hit a big boot of his own for two. The Undertaker wrenched on the arm of Hassan and then hit Old School.

Mid-match notes:

The Undertaker hit an STO for a two count and then hit some big right hands in the corner. The Undertaker choked Hassan in the corner, and then went after the referee but he scarpered to the outside. The Undertaker went for a splash in the corner, but Hassan moved and the Undertaker landed on the outside and the guys in masks attacked him, and then Hassan went out and drove him into the ring steps. Hassan tossed the Deadman back inside and then choked him with his boot. Hassan distracted the referee as a masked man choked the Undertaker. Hassan hit a straight DDT for a near fall and then gouged at the face of the Undertaker before locking in a rear naked choke. The Undertaker backed Hassan into the ropes and hit a knee to the gut and then the two traded right hands with the Undertaker coming out on top. Taker went to the outside and nailed a masked man, but another one choked him with the piano wire while Daivari distracted the referee.

The Finish:

The masked man tossed the Undertaker back inside and he's out. Hassan locked in the Camel Clutch but the Deadman fought to his feet and has Hassan perched on his back, and delivered an electric chair. The Undertaker then hit two splashes in the corner, and then a masked man entered and Taker hit a big boot on him. Taker then gave Hassan snake eyes, and another masked man got in the ring, and then another, but Taker tossed them out. Another masked man got inside and Taker levelled him and then went for the Tombstone on Hassan, but Hassan dropped out and went for a clothesline, but the Undertaker ducked and then nailed the chokeslam for the win.

Winner - The Undertaker

The Aftermath:

The masked men entered the ring and laid a beating on the Undertaker. Taker threw one of them into the ring steps, and then kicked a chair back into one of their faces. Taker then wedged a chair on one of their throats and crashed it into the announce table. One got a chokeslam and one got tossed into the announce table. The Undertaker got back in the ring, and Hassan shoved Daivari into him. Another masked man entered, and Taker knocked him down, but Daivari got on his back and Taker tossed him outside. Another masked man got in the ring and Taker nailed him with the Tombstone and then went outside for Daivari. Taker tossed him head first into the side of the announce table, and Daivari went right through it! Hassan crawled up the aisle but Taker went after him and then Taker chokeslammed him onto the steel stage. Taker ripped a panel off the stage and there is now a hole on the entrance way. Taker removed another panel and then gave Hassan the Last Ride down the hole! Hassan went crashing through as the Deadman held his hand high as the Number One Contender. We take a look down the hole, and he landed on a steel beam, and he is convulsing and knocked out.


Steve Romero is backstage with Torrie Wilson. She says with all the troops watching around the world, she is definitely going to give them something to remember. She said she will give everyone what they want to see, Melina stripped to her Bra and Panties.

In the arena:

Back in the arena and the EMT's are working on Hassan, and he has not yet been moved. Hassan is bleeding badly from the back of the head as the EMT's put a neck brace on him.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Referee: Jim Korderas
Mexicool vs. The Blue World Order

The music of Mexicool hit in the arena as Psicosis, Super Crazy and Juventud made their way to the ring on lawnmowers, and they are set for action against Hollywood Nova, Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie. They handed a rake to the Spanish Announcers.

The start:

Juvy and Nova kicked things off and Juvy hit a front trip and then laid on the top rope, gloating. Juvy hit a kick to the gut and then Nova flipped him onto his back. Richards came in and helped Nova fight off Psicosis and Super Crazy, and stacked them up in the corner and whipped the Blue Meanie into them, and then tossed them all the outside.

The Finish:

Crazy hit snapmare and then a dropkick to the face for two. Juvy tagged in and worked over the arm of Nova some more. Nova fought out and hit a big boot. Juvy tagged in Psicosis and Nova tagged Richards. Richards with a back elbow to Psicosis and then some chops and a back body drop. Juvy came flying in but Richards moved and then hit a side slam on Psicosis and covered but Super Crazy broke the fall. Mexicool and the bWo brawled to the outside while Richards got caught up in the ropes. Super Crazy hit a moonsault and then Psicosis hit the guillotine legdrop and then pinned Richards for the win.

Winners - Mexicool

The Aftermath:

Mexicool celebrated their win before driving off on their lawnmowers.


Rey Mysterio is shown preying backstage for Dominic and his family. Dominic is there too and Rey asked him if he is ready. Dominic said he was scared and they hugged. Rey said there is nothing to be scared of, and everything will be ok. Rey said he loved him and they hugged again.

Secrets Match
Referee: Charles Robinson
Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

The music of Eddie Guerrero hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring. The stipulation is that if Eddie beats Rey, then he will reveal the secret, but if he loses he will keep the secret forever. Rey made his way down with Dominic, and we are set for action.

The start:

Eddie made Rey shake his hand so he could get Dominic to smile, and then they hugged. Rey then clotheslined him and gave him a back body drop followed by a springboard cross body, but Eddie moved and then stomped away at Rey. Mysterio came back with a roll up for two, and then a backslide for another two count. Rey hit a bulldog and covered for another near fall. Rey gave Eddie some right hands and then hit a back elbow in the corner followed by some mounted punches but then Eddie gave him an atomic drop.

Mid-match notes:

Rey crotched Eddie on the top rope and then gave him some right hands before hitting a huricanrana from the top for two as Dominic looked on. Rey went up top but Eddie crotched him and gave him some shots to the back and then went for a Splash Mountain but Rey fell out and hit a headscissors and then the 619 and hit a springboard seated senton for a near fall. Eddie rolled to the outside and then looked at Dominic. He walked over to him and hugged him and then Rey came out, but Eddie put Dominic between him and Rey. A huge "Eddie Sucks" chant filled the arena as Rey got down on his knees and then Eddie clubbed the back of Mysterio.

Back inside and Eddie hit a tilt a whirl backbreaker on Rey and then a huge backbreaker for a two count. Eddie kicked Rey in the spine and then stomped him in the ropes. Eddie tossed Mysterio to the outside and then went over to Dominic again. Cole and Tazz stop him to stop and Eddie pinched Dominic on the cheek and walked off smiling. Back inside the ring and Eddie sent Rey hard into the buckle and then stood on the back of his head. Guerrero chopped Rey and then choked him in the ropes and then hit a wheelbarrow suplex for a near fall.

Eddie hammered at the back of Mysterio and then choked him. Rey reversed a tilt a whirl backbreaker into a body press for two, but then Eddie locked in the Gory Special. Rey escaped with a roll through and then Eddie launched him over the top to the outside. Eddie walked over to Dominic again and patted him on the head but then Rey came from behind with right hands. Back inside, and Eddie kicked Rey in the gut but Rey came back with a low dropkick to the knee and then a kick to the face for two. Rey went for a springboard moonsault but Eddie caught Rey on his shoulder but Rey span around and hit a spinning DDT and crawled over to cover but Eddie kicked up at two.

The Finish:

Rey hit a springboard dropkick to the back sending Eddie into position for the 619. Rey scored with the 619 and then Dropped the Dime but Eddie rolled out of the way. Eddie hit the Three Amigos and then went up for the Frog Splash but Rey rolled to the ropes and Eddie jumped down. Eddie gave Rey the Three Amigos for a second time and then he stared at Dominic before hitting a brainbuster. Eddie went up top, staring at Dominic and came off with the Frog Splash onto Mysterio and then laid over him but Rey rolled him up and got the win!

Winner - Rey Mysterio

The Aftermath:

Rey couldn't believe it and went over and hugged his son and made their way to the back, and Eddie can't believe that he has lost to Mysterio again. Eddie went over to a fan who got in his face after the match.


Josh Mathews is with JBL in the back, and he is dressed as Uncle Sam again. JBL told Josh to shut up and said that since Batista has been on Smackdown has caused him the greatest embarrassment. He said Batista came out and ruined his acceptance speech, and tonight is payback. He said he will take the World Heavyweight Championship, and will be considered with all the great Americans. He said they get to revel in his greatness as the World Champion. He said come hell or highwater, he guarentees that he will beat Batista tonight. He said there is one, and only one, Wrestling God.

Bra and Panties Match
Special Guest Referee: Candice Michelle
Torrie Wilson vs. Melina

The music of Candice Michelle hit in the arena as she made her way down as the special guest referee for this bra and panties match between Melina and Torrie Wilson.

The Match:

The two locked up with Melina backing Torrie to the corner. Torrie shoved her hard and then Melina kicked her in the gut and threw her down by the hair. Torrie rolled Melina up and tried to take the pants off but Melina kicked her away. Torrie locked in an abdominal stretch and then removed Melina's shirt. Torrie went to remove the pants, but Melina kicked her to the outside. Melina tossed Torrie back inside and then shoved her hard into the mat and removed Torrie's shirt revealing a hot bra, pics below. Melina gave Torrie some mounted forearm shots and then choked her in the ropes. Melina went to remove the pants but Torrie kicked her off. Melina hit a double axe handle to the back of Torrie and went for the pants again. Torrie kicked Melina in the head and then hit a flying clothesline and a dropkick. Torrie hit a suplex and then floated over and went for the pants but Melina monkey flipped her off. Melina hotshotted Torrie on the ropes and went for the pants and Melina has the win!

Winner - Melina

The Aftermath:

Melina attacked Candice after the match, but Torrie aided her and they then removed Melina's pants as can you see below. Melina went up the aisle, and then Torrie asked Candice to take off her top and the two strutted around the ring.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Referee: Nick Patrick
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Batista (c)

We are taken live outside the arena, and a police escorted motorcade is shown pulling into the arena with JBL's limo. JBL popped out of the sun roof and then ticker tape fell from above the arena as he made his way to the ring giving out small American flags. Batista then made his way to the ring as the World Heavyweight Champion.

The start:

Batista and JBL locked up with Batista backing Bradshaw to the corner and breaking clean. Another lock up, and JBL with a go behind but Batista elbowed out of it. JBL grabbed a side headlock but Batista knocked him down with a shoulder block. JBL came back with a knee to the gut and then some right hands but Batista came back with a clothesline. JBL rolled outside and Batista followed him but Bradshaw was first in and stomped Batista, but Batista then scored with a side slam for two.

Mid-match notes:

Batista went to work with right hands and elbows in the corner. Batista went for a corner charge but ate boot and then JBL unloaded with a shoulder block and some right hands. Batista came back with a back body drop and then a clothesline over the ropes to the outside. Batista sent JBL into the barricade and then tossed him back inside. JBL went to suplex Batista into the ring, but Batista blocked and then JBL hotshotted him over the ropes, sending Batista back to the floor. JBL jumped on Batista off the apron, but Batista caught him and drove him into the apron. Batista hit a knee lift to the head and then tossed Bradshaw back inside.

JBL begged off in the corner but Batista went to work with right hands. JBL then got a cheap shot in and threw Batista shoulder first into the ring post. JBL hit a big boot to the face sending Batista to the outside, and then followed out and speared Batista over the announce table. JBL drove Batista head first into the ring bell and then kicked him hard in the gut. JBL threw Batista back over the announce table and then dived off it with a fist drop on Batista. Bradshaw tossed Batista back inside and covered for two. JBL hit a sling shot in the ropes, sending Batista throat first into the middle rope. JBL then choked Batista in the ropes and knocked him down with a big boot and then a series of elbow drops for a near fall.

JBL stomped Batista on the apron and then pulled him back in but Batista came back with some shots to the gut. Batista unloaded with right hands but JBL caught him in a sleeper hold. Batista tried to reach the ropes but then began to fade. Batista fought out with elbows to the gut and then a back suplex. JBL tossed Batista through the middle rope to the outside and then went out after him. Bradshaw sent him head first into the ring steps and then played to the crowd. JBL sent him into the ring steps again and then gave him some right hands. JBL sent Batista shoulder first into the ring post, and went to do so again but Batista reversed and dived at JBL, sending them both over the barricade.

Batista unloaded with mounted right hands and then tossed him back in the ring. JBL hammered the back of Batista upon entering the ring but Batista scored with a high elbow. Batista missed a splash in the corner and JBL went for the Clothesline From Hell but bumped the referee. Batista then hit the spinebuster as Orlando Jordan made his way down. Batista went for the Batista Bomb, but Jordan nailed him in the back with a steel chair and JBL hit a boot to the face and rolled into the cover but the referee is still down. Jordan threw the referee into the ring and he made the count but Batista kicked up. Bradshaw wondered how he had not won and berated the referee.

The Finish:

Bradshaw scored with the Clothesline From Hell and covered, but the referee is still groggy. Bradshaw screamed at the referee and then called for the Clothesline again. JBL went for it but walked in the spinebuster from Batista. Jordan got in the ring and charged at Batista but was back dropped to the outside. Batusta hit some shoulders in the corner and then clotheslined Bradshaw followed by a power slam. Jordan grabbed the chair and went to nail Batista, but Batista pulled him into the ring. Batista liad out both Jordan and Bradshaw with the chair, and the referee saw it and called for the bell.

Winner by disqualification, John Bradshaw Layfield
but still World Heavyweight Champion, Batista

The Aftermath:

Batista went nuts with the chair on Jordan and Bradshaw as they were down on the mat. Batista held the chair high and then JBL was announced as the winner by disqualification. Batista stood on the stage and then turned back to the ring. JBL was smiling about his win, and Batista grabbed Jordan and hit the Batista Bomb, and then gave one to JBL for good measure.

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